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In 2004, Sonny Wu and Richard Lim co-founded GSR Family of Funds. 

ln 2017, GSR became three independent yet complementary team, of which GoldenSand Capital continued to focus on “Building World Class New Industries”. 

The spirit of "Golden Sand River" is that of a magical river, eternally flowing towards the Yangtze River symbolize GSR’s firm commitment towards "innovation" and "investing to building future industries" to serve the world. 

Over the past decade, GSR has invested in game changing companies such as Lattice Power, Silevo Solar, Smarter Micro, Ronbay Technology, and many more innovative enterprises; as well as courageous attempted global acquisition such as "Philips Lumildes  LED",  which  demonstrate  our  pursuit  of  innovation,  and  our endless effort to the development of emerging industries through global M&A and China localization.

GSR Capital has offices in Beijing and Hong Kong.